Is the class you’re after full? Or would you like a gymnastics class closer to you?

Since Cambridge Gymnastics Academy opened its doors to its dedicated facility in May 2016, we have been inundated with enquiries to join our club. So much so, we have built a waiting list of over 2000 potential gymnasts. As well as our ever-growing waiting list, our pre-school has been developed to such a level by Iwona & team, that we now have over 80 children each year needing a space once they move up to school age. This is when our head coach Kayleigh stumbled upon the problem, that we simply don’t have enough space to accommodate everyone!

So of course, she did what all crazy people do on their maternity leave and set up a new business, alongside our facility manger Hannah, to open 5 new satellite venues around Cambridgeshire, called CGA Gymnastics Satellites. This has enabled children from pre-school and children on our waiting list to still be physically active and participating in gymnastics whilst waiting for a space at the main club. The other benefits of the satellite venues are that they are spread out, making gymnastics accessible for more people, but also allowing us to talent spot more gifted children. September saw the launch of these new locations:

These have all been kitted out with a new tumble track, beautiful purple roll mats, lots of soft equipment, as well as 20 new core proficiency coaches and young leaders. We are delighted to promote Jasmin Bannister into the Role of heading up these clubs. Jasmin has been with us since she was 14, first gymnast, then part time coach and now full time for the last 2 years!! Watching her grow and develop with us has been amazing and we’re so proud of the already fantastic job she is doing in stepping into her leadership role. 

Please note this is a separate business to Cambridge Gymnastics Academy and all enquiries MUST go to CGA Gymnastics Satellites directly.

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