Membership Information

CGA are members of British Gymnastics and Eastern Counties. This allows the gymnast and club to be fully insured, enter competitions, gain bursaries and have the support of a National Governing Body. All members over the age of 3 where the parent/guardian is not responsible for the gymnast during a session must pay the nominal fee. Children under 3 are covered by our public liability as the parent is responsible.

LoveAdmin OnlinePayment System:

At CGA we use an online payment system called LoveAdmin. This is a system that allows us to invoice, help manage the club’s day to day admin and prevent our emails from being filtered out. This benefits members as it allows you to keep your membership information up-to-date and pay online with ease. When you register with us, we will set up an account for you. Your username will be the email address provided to us on your registration form. The first time you log in you will be able to create a password. You will always be notified by email when an invoice has been created for you and a payment is due. There are two options to make the payment:

Pre-authorisation - if you select pre-authorisation on your account, then this is a Direct Debit and the money will be taken automatically when an invoice gets created and sent to you. You will need to input your bank details for the first invoice sent and select ‘pre-authorisation’ when you go to make the payment. After this you will not need to do anything else in the future, just receive the invoice to tell you fees are due. (This can be cancelled at any time).

If you do not wish to have pre-authorisation set up, then each time you receive an invoice you will need to sign into your account and input your bank details to make the payment. Payments take up to 6 working days to be processed. For more information regarding the security of your personal data, please visit Privacy Policy | LoveAdmin online.

British Gymnastics Membership Sign Up Process

All club members who attend from independent pre-school age & upwards, need to become members of British Gymnastics, the national governing body for gymnastics in the UK. This is to benefit from insurance cover as well as receive discounts and other member benefits.

The British Gymnastics membership process means you’ll need to register directly via the British Gymnastics website. Unfortunately, until this step is complete, you will not be able to attend gymnastics sessions, so please complete the process as soon as you can.

What you need to know

To help you complete the process, please note the following information:

How to complete your British Gymnastics membership

Please visit It’s quick and easy to do on smartphones & on tablets, or you may prefer to use a computer.

To complete the process, BG will ask you to enter some personal details to create your membership account, such as name, date of birth and home address of member. If you have previously been a member of British Gymnastics, BG may already have some information on file which they will ask you to confirm to speed up the process.

As well as providing personal information, you’ll need to confirm the name of your gymnastics club. If you are a gymnast (or their parent/guardian), you’ll also need to enter the information listed below. This is required in all cases, regardless of whether you are renewing your British Gymnastics membership or becoming a member for the first time.

You will need to add the type of gymnastics – CGA does the following:

Membership types

The British Gymnastics membership system should recognise the type of membership you need based on the information you fill in during the process & display this to you. However please do double check it. You will be offered either Pre-school gymnast, gymnast or competitive gymnast.


Payment for this membership must be made directly to British Gymnastics.

Need help?

If you need any help completing the membership process, please call British Gymnastics Customer Service team on 0345 129 7129 or use live chat via the website